Notes on this year's schedule


We've added ACRO classes:


5:00 - 6:00pm   Beginning Acro ages 8+

6:00 - 7:00pm   Intermediate Acro

7:00 - 8:00pm   Advanced Acro

contact Janet about placement

MYDT 2019-2020 School Year Schedule

Midwest Youth Dance Theatre

Class Descriptions

Preschool Combo - Combination Tap and Ballet for ages 3-5.

Level 1 Combo - Combination Tap and Ballet for ages 5-7.

Level 2 Classes - New and experienced dancers ages 7-9.  Classes available in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop.

Level 3-6 Classes - Classes for experienced dancers ages 9-18.  Classes available in ballet, pointe, tap, modern, jazz, musical theatre and hip hop.  Returning students are placed in levels at the discretion of MYDT teachers based on a combination of student age, experience, and talent.  New students will be placed after a trial ballet class - please contact us at 651.644.2438 or if you are interested in scheduling a trial class.  All students must meet technique requirements for their levels in order to participate in repertory classes, performances, and competition.

Adult Classes - Beginner/Intermediate class available in jazz/modern.

MYDT Tuition and Fees

School Year Tuition

MYDT charges a monthly tuition during the school year.  Students are only financially obligated one month at a time.  Payments are due the first week of each month, September through May.

Monthly rates are as follows:

3/4 hr per week                $47/month

1 hr per week                    $54

2 hrs per week                  $95

3 hrs per week                  $125

4 hrs per week                  $155

5 hrs per week                  $180

6 hrs per week                  $210

7 hrs per week                  $220

8 hrs per week                  $230

9 hrs per week                  $240

10 hrs per week                $250

11+ hrs per week              Add $10 for each additional hour per week

Family discounts are as follows:     -10% for second enrollment

                                                       -20% for third enrollment

                                                       -30% for fourth enrollment, etc.

Late fees are as follows:       $5 for every 30 days delinquent on a payment for tuition ranging from $47 - $125/month

                                             $10 for every 30 days delinquent on a payment for tuition ranging from $126+/month

Additional Fees

Registration Fee - $10 per family, per year

Costume Fees - $40 deposits per costume are charged in October for the Winter Show (Levels 3-6), and $30 deposits are charged in November for the Spring Show (all students).  Invoices are sent for both with payment schedules.

Competition Fee - $30 per student for group routines AND $30 per student for specialty routines, due upon billing.  Level 3-6 students only.

Winter Show Repertory Fee - a one time fee charged per show, per student who wishes to participate in the winter show.  Fees change yearly.

Summer Tuition
Tuition rates are based on hours danced per week.  Tuition is payable for weeks attended only.

Weekly rates are as follows:

3/4 hr per week               $11
1 hr per week                  $13
1 1/2 hrs per week          $20
2 hrs per week                $25
3 hrs per week                $35
4 hrs per week                $45
5 hrs per week                $50
6 hrs per week                $55
7 hrs per week                $60
8 hrs per week                $65
9 hrs per week                $70
10 or more hrs per wk    $75